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On the first day of the celebration of Oraza Ait, April 10, 2024, the Aral meeting room was opened in the walls of KMU “KSPH” in order to develop and scientifically substantiate integrated medical and hygienic methods for preserving and strengthening the health of the population and the ecosystem in the Aral Sea region, using modern analytical tools and international experience.

The objectives of the project are:

1. Analysis of existing data on the environmental condition and health of the population.

2. Development of methodological approaches for the collection, processing and interpretation of data on the impact of environmental factors on population health.

3. Creation of a scientifically based monitoring model integrating various types of data, including medical, environmental and socio-economic indicators.

4. Conducting comprehensive surveys and studies taking into account environmental and hygienic conditions for the collection of primary data.

5. Development of an algorithm of actions and recommendations for local governments and public organizations to reduce risks to public health.

6. Informing and attracting the attention of the public and government agencies to health and environmental issues.

7. Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implemented monitoring system and its adjustment based on the results obtained.

8. Publication of research results for wide dissemination and possible scaling of the project.

Address: Almaty, Utepov str., 19A, 2nd floor.

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