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Improving public health through quality education, applied science and effective consulting.


The leading scientific and educational, coordination and methodological and consulting university in the system of postgraduate and additional professional education of medical and pharmaceutical specialists, focused on the generation and transfer of innovative technologies in the field of public health and the development of the health system.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To become a leader in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia in terms of the quality of postgraduate and additional professional education, implemented applied research and consulting projects in the field of healthcare by the year 2025.
  2. To achieve an expansion of the types of educational activities, to continue to work on the exchange of experience with foreign strategic partners, while maintaining and developing its uniqueness.
  3. Actively develop modern forms of education and social communication for the benefit of public health.
  4. Encourage and stimulate international educational research projects and the introduction of rating, as well as copyright training programs.
  5. To increase the publication activity of the teaching staff (hereinafter – TS) and students in the cited publications.
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