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A journey to medicine and health

August 18–24, 2024

Shiyan, Ghina

The International Summer School 2024 is being held within the framework of cooperation between KMU KSPH and the Hubei University School of Medicine.

About the Summer School

This program is designed to create opportunities for students to explore academic interests and enrich their cultural experiences.

  • Time: August 18-24, 2024
  • Activities:

1.       Life sciences: guided tour to the Life Science Museum and the Morphology Laboratory; aca- demic lectures on stem cell research and neurological diseases

2.       Traditional Chinese medicine: guided tour to the Pharmaceutical Engineering Training Center and the Medicinal Herb Garden; acquaintance with common Chinese herbal medicines; handwork of Chinese medicinal herbariums; observation of traditional therapies such as acu- puncture, cupping, and massage at the hospital

3.       Emergency rescue: lectures on disaster awareness and prevention strategies; practical post-disaster first aid training; Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) training

4.       Research activity: join a research team, integrate into the research platform, and immerse in the atmosphere of medical and life sciences research laboratories; learn about the research focuses and operational systems

5.       Cultural experiences: daily Wudang Tai Chi sessions; guided tour to the City Museum and an automobile factory; self-funded sightseeing at Wudang Mountain, the World Cultural Heritage site known for its ancient architecture and martial arts

Application requirements

1.       Applicants must be in good physical and mental health.

2.       Applicants must either be current undergraduate students or hold a bachelor’s degree or higher.

3.       Under 40 years old.

4.       Fluent in English.

5.       Application deadline: June 10, 2024.

How to apply

All applications must be submitted via email to the School of International Education at

1.       scanned copy of the passport’s personal information page

2.       passport photo

3.       highest academic degree obtained (Current undergraduate students also provide study certificate)

4.       application form


Department of International Affairs, telephone: +77016713371

Website: , Hubei University website

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