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Department of Population Health and Social Sciences

The Department of Population Health and Social Sciences was established in 1998 with the original title: “Health Promotion and Social Sciences”. In subsequent years, due to the expansion of the activities, the chair titles changed to: “Health policy and management”, “Population Health”.

The main fields of the department are educational, academic, research, consulting and expert activities in the field of public health and healthcare, health promotion, public health policy, disease prevention, bioethics, management psychology, research methodology.

The PHSS department has long-term programme classes (master’s and doctoral PhD), short-term classes as well as retraining and distance learning in the “Population Health” specialty.

Ryskulova Alma – Gul Rakhimovna

Ryskulova Alma – Gul Rakhimovna

Head of the department of public health and social sciences, m.s.c.,

associate professor, academician of the international academy of informatization, honored scientist of the republic of Kazakhstan.

Aitambaeva Nadira Nurbekovna

Aitambaeva Nadira Nurbekovna

head teacher, senior teacher of the department, master of medical sciences;

Baimuratova Mayrash Aushatovna

Baimuratova Mayrash Aushatovna

Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of the Department of Public Health and Social Sciences

Sarsenbaeva Maira Zamanbekovna

Sarsenbaeva Maira Zamanbekovna

senior lecturer of the Department of Public Health and Social Sciences, Candidate of Medical Sciences, teacher of the highest category.

Popova Tatyana Vladimirovna

Popova Tatyana Vladimirovna

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor of the Public Health and Social Sciences Department at KMU “KSPH”

Master’s and doctoral Educational activities:

Obligatory classes (OC):

Master’s degree

– “Introduction to Public Health”

– “Basics of bioethics”

– “Health Promotion and Disease Prevention”


– “Healthy Society Policy”

– “Qualitative research methods in public health services”

Electives (E) for master’s and doctoral students

Medical and social expertise and rehabilitation

Global health and healthcare

Professional skills of a researcher

Health policy

Biomedical ethics

Ethics of scientific research

Aging and health

Public health

Environmental hygiene

Hygienic rationing of environmental factors

Environment and public health in ecologically disadvantaged regions

Assessment of public health risk from exposure to chemical pollutants

Human health and the environment

Methods of forecasting the quality of environmental objects and public health

Public health and healthcare

Hygienic regulation of environmental factors

Social determinants of health

Politics, economics and management in healthcare

Health Promotion

Health problems of the socially unprotected population

Operational functions of public health

Topical issues of health promotion and disease prevention

Scientific research in public health

Management of research projects in public health

Tools for health promotion and disease prevention

Theory and practice of scientific writing

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