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KMU “KSPH” announces a competition for the vacant positions of teaching staff—the position of senior lecturer of the department.

The location of the organizations: Republic of Kazakhstan, 050060, Almaty city, Utepov str., 19 A.

Name of the vacant position: Senior lecturer of the department;

1. Department of Public Health and Social Sciences – 1.0 unit.

Estimated salary of a senior lecturer: 220,000 tenge official

salary +additional payment for an academic degree (if available).

A brief description of the senior lecturer’s job responsibilities:

Organizes and conducts educational and methodical work on all types of training sessions; participates in the research work of the department;

under the guidance of a professor, associate professor or lecturer, develops or participates in the development of methodological manuals on the types of classes and educational work; actively participates in educational work with

students; actively participates in the development and implementation of measures to strengthen, develop, ensure and improve the material and technical base of the educational process, equipment of educational units and

laboratories; monitors students’ compliance with the rules for the protection of piles and

safety and fire safety during training sessions, laboratory work and practical exercises; under the guidance of a professor, associate professor, senior lecturer (curator of the discipline) organizes and plans methodological and technical support for training sessions; forms students’ skills to work with educational, special, scientific literature, manuals, teaches them to independently conduct experiments and generalize the results obtained; participates in seminars, meetings and conferences organized and within the scope of the research areas of the unit, including international ones, when sent from the unit; conducts therapeutic and preventive work (participates in rounds, consults patients, is personally responsible for the treatment process of supervised patients);

prepares and submits a report on the implementation of the individual plan.

Qualification requirements for the position of senior lecturer:

1. Higher and postgraduate education (Master’s degree, residency) or higher education (specialist);

2. Availability of a certificate (certificate) of advanced training in accordance with the profile of the disciplines taught;

3. Proficiency in the state and/or Russian and/or English at a professional level for conducting training sessions in groups with the appropriate language of instruction. It is preferable to have a TOEFL, IELTS or National Testing Center certificate of English proficiency at a level not lower than TOEFL – 525, IELTS – 5.5, NCT -75 or a diploma of education in English from a foreign university.

The list of necessary documents for participation in the competition:

1. Resume in the state, Russian and English languages with photos;

2. Identity card of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan or passport of a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.;

3. copies of documents on education, qualifications, availability of special knowledge or professional training, awarding academic degrees and academic titles;

4. Certificate from psycho-, drug dispensaries that is not registered;

5. Form No. 075/y “Medical certificate”, fluorography;

6. Certificate of the presence or absence of information about the commission of a corruption crime;

7. Certificate of absence or criminal record;

8. Results of activities (personal achievements) over the past five years (copies of certificates, a list of basic scientific, educational and methodological works and inventions, etc.)

9. Presentation of the project on the curriculum – methods of teaching the discipline (in electronic form, no more than 10 slides, time limit – up to 7 minutes).

Documents are accepted within 7 working days from the date

of publication of the announcement at the address: Almaty, Utepov str., 19 A, 2nd floor, 210 office. Email address: Phone for inquiries: 8-727- 3378032 ext. 104, mobile: 87071400187

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