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About the Residency

Residency is a form of obtaining postgraduate advanced medical education in clinical specialties.

Educational programs

KMU "KSPH" accepts documents for residency in the specialty:

The code of the group of educational programs  The name of educational programsThe duration of training
7R01105Angiosurgery for adults, children4
7R01114Pulmonology for adults, children2
7R01125Emergency medicine for adults, children3
7R01124Otorhinolaryngology for adults, children3
7R01129Neurosurgery for adults, children4
7R01121Traumatology-orthopedics for adults, children3
7R01107Cardiology for adults, children3
7R01132Physical medicine and rehabilitation for adults, children2
7R01133Obstetrics and gynecology for adults, children3
7R01131Urology and andrology for adults, children3
7R01126Anesthesiology and intensive care for adults, children3
7R01128General Surgery3
7R01122Dermatovenerology for adults, children2
7R01109Gastroenterology for adults, children2
7R01112Ophthalmology for adults, children3
7R01119Nephrology for adults, children2
7R01111Neurology for adults, children2
7R01108Infectious diseases for adults, children2
7R01116Adult and child psychiatry2
7R01134Pediatric Surgery3
7R01136Endocrinology for adults, children2
7R01130Cardiac surgery for adults, children4

Persons who have document indicating the qualification a “doctor” are accepted to the residency.
The term of study is 2 years.

Our contacts

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Contact numbers of the Training and Clinical Department of KMU «KSPH»

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