Department of ” Internal Diseases”

The Department of Internal Diseases was organized in 2019 (Order No. 317/1-n of 26.12.2019) as a
result of the transformation of the structural divisions of the CMU of the Higher School of Medicine and
is a division of the Department for Clinical Activities
The main purpose of the department is to organize and conduct educational, teaching and
methodological work at the level of postgraduate (master's, doctoral) and additional professional
education; research, medical – advisory and clinical-expert work.
The staff of the department includes employees working on a budget and off-budget basis, which allows
you to optimize the educational process and expand the range of educational services provided

Dzhusipov Alikhan Kazakbayevich-Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences

Karibayev Kairat Rakhmanievich-Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Aimakhanova Galiya Turgayevna-Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Tekebaeva Latina Aizhanovna-Associate Professor, Candidate of Medical Sciences

Diana Sundetova-assistant, head teacher of the Department


At the post-graduate level (master’s degree, doctoral degree), elective components are taught:
Best clinical practice
Research in the field of basic / fundamental sciences
Research in clinical sciences
Applied research in clinical practice
Applied research in basic medicine
At the level of additional professional education (advanced training, retraining), educational activities are carried out in all sections of internal medicine: therapy, cardiology, neurology, infectious diseases, gastroenterology, dermatology, pulmonology, dermatocosmetology, laboratory diagnostics, radiation diagnostics, etc.