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About the Doctoral studies

Doctoral studies are a professional step in mastering new scientific heights. The Doctor of Philosophy PhD is one of the representatives of the scientific and pedagogical staff of the Higher School of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The benefits of learning
Educational programs

In the 2023-2024 academic year, KMU "KSPH" plans to train specialists in the field of healthcare in two educational doctoral programs:


Admission to the doctoral program of the Higher School of Economics until August 28
Entrance exams for groups of doctoral degree programs are held from August 1 to August 22 of the calendar year.

Doctoral studies at the Higher School of Economics are carried out only full-time with a three-year period of study.

Upon admission of masters of the profile direction or residents to the PhD doctoral program, they additionally establish as prerequisites the educational program of postgraduate education of the pedagogical profile of the scientific and pedagogical master’s degree (30 credits)

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Contacts of the departments of postgraduate education of KMU “KSPH”

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