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Board of Trustees

Status of the Board of Trustees
– The Board of Trustees is a strategic element in the management of the University, which operates on the principles of voluntariness, equality of its members, publicity and collegiality.
– The Board of Trustees is guided by the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the charter of the University, as well as rules and other documents adopted in KMU “KSPH”.
– The decisions of the Board of Trustees are recommendatory and consultative.

Mission of the Board of Trustees
The Board of Trustees is established to contribute the effective functioning and development of the University, the formation of the University as an educational and scientific center of international level for the preparation of qualified, demanded specialists in the field of public health.

Objectives and Activities of the Board of Trustees:

  1. The main objectives of the Board of Trustees:
    • formation of modern educational infrastructure on the basis of introduction of innovative technologies, application of the best foreign experience, modernization of the material and technical base of KMU “KSPH”;
    • promotion of continuous professional development of health professionals;
    • creation of necessary conditions for master and PhD students, for scientific and pedagogical staff of the University in order to successfully implement the educational process;
    • providing financial support to the University
  2. The main activities of the Board of Trustees:
    • Contribution to the University in the implementation of its functions;
    • Ensuring public control over observance of the rights of participants in the educational process;
    • protection and legal support for the rights and interests of the University, its master and PhD students and employees;
    • participation
    – in the formation of KMU “KSPH” development programs and their implementation;
    – in the work of assessing the quality of training students;
    – in the building of educational, scientific and social facilities of the University, the acquisition of equipment, including computers and materials required for the educational process and scientific research;
    – in charity and sponsorship;
    – in the organization of various events held by KMU “KSPH” outside the educational process;
    – in the organization and improvement of the educational process, the identification of promising areas of training and retraining of health professionals;
    – in the development of fundamental and applied developments, the integration of educational and scientific processes;
    – in the development of research and innovation activities, the formation and development of the University’s scientific schools;
    – in the development of international cooperation, cooperation with state bodies and local self-government bodies, commercial and non-profit organizations, civil society institutions;
    – in academic mobility of students, scientific and pedagogical staff of the University;
    – in attracting leading Kazakhstan and foreign specialists with the purpose of sharing experience and joint training of specialists;
    – in the employment of graduates of the University;
    – in the implementation of information and public activities of KMU “KSPH”;
    – in creating additional social guarantees and improving working conditions for pedagogical and other employees of the University;
    • Development, introduction of proposals and recommendations on:
    – improvement and development of the University activities;
    – determination of priority directions of the educational process and educational programs, corresponding to the needs of employers, in order to ensure the relevance of graduates;
    – elimination of weaknesses in the activities of KMU “KSPH”;
    – changes in the organizational structure of the University;
    – introduction and development of innovative technologies;
    • Establishment of incentive scholarships, grants and awards of the Board of Trustees for students and employees of the University, as well as graduates for professional development;
    • Other issues related to the University’s activities within the competence of the Board of Trustees
  3. The Board of Trustees realizes its activities on the basis of the independence and initiative of its members, their creative, personal, financial and material participation in the activities of the Board of Trustees, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Composition of the Board of Trustees
The Chairman: Kaldybai Kazanbayev – Secretary of the maslikhat of Almaty.
– Erken Zhanadilov – President of the union of legal entities “Association for the Development and Implementation of Innovative and Information Technologies in Healthcare of Kazakhstan” ZdravInnoTech “;
– Luca Brusati – professor of SDA Bocconi School of Management, Udine University (Italy).

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