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For listeners

Kazakhstan’s Medical University "KSPH" pays special attention to professional development of medical workers of various specialties, including partnership programs abroad. This is a periodic education system that allows you to improve existing professional competencies in the field of healthcare and medicine.
The course trainers are leading data market practitioners in Kazakhstan. With our highly qualified trainers, you will be aware of current trends, take into account innovations and achievements of science and technology in a dynamic manner, master new competencies and skills needed to work with devices and modern software.
The training is conducted full-time, remotely, and the possibility of conducting it in an on-site format is also being considered, as well as the individual formation of schedules for the start of training as applications are received.
The training is conducted on a contractual and budgetary basis.
Course participants receive a Certificate confirming their qualifications as supporting documents.
The language of instruction is Kazakh and Russian.
Additional information: the university has a Campus for living, computer classes, Internet, Coworking, library, coffee shop.


To enroll to cycle listeners must provide the following documents:

1. Personal statement of the listener (to be filled out in office №103)
2. Identity document or passport (copy).
3. Diploma of higher or secondary medical education in the specialty; internship; residency (copy).
4. A document confirming the completion of the primary specialization or certification course (a copy, if available).
5. A document certifying the change of surname (if the surname in the diploma and the identity document do not match).
6. A document on the completion of advanced training in the specialty for the last 5 years (copies).
7. Specialist’s certificate (copies).

Our contacts

Utepov Street, 19A
1st floor, left wing, office 103

Contact numbers of the department of additional professional education of the higher school of economics

8 (727) 337-80-29
+7 771 780 76 76.