Medical videos

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List of the videos:

I Vaccination:

Against HPV within girls of 11-12 years old.

2. Prevention of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and influenza.

3. Prevention of pneumococcal infection.

II. Youth health centers:

1. Popularization of youth health centers.

2. Psychosocial support for youth

3. Hot line – 150.

III. Promotion of specialized health schools:

1. Popularization of specialized health schools.

IV. Popularization of the of family planning school:

1. Popularization of the of family planning school:

V. Prevention chronic non-communicable diseases:

1 Prevention chronic non-communicable diseases

2. Prevention of arterial hypertension.

3. Prevention of acute coronary syndrome

4. Breast Cancer Prevention

5. Cervical Cancer Prevention

6. Prevention of diabetes mellitus.

VI. Prevention of infectious diseases:

1. Prevention of HIV / AIDS.

2. Prevention of sexually transmitted infections (HIV).

3. Prevention of tuberculosis.

4. Prevention of hepatitis A, B, C (children).

VII. Prevention of behavioral risk factors and aspects of a healthy lifestyle:

1. Aspects of healthy lifestyle (promotion of healthy nutrition).

2. Aspects of healthy lifestyle (promotion of sports is a healthy family).

3. Promotion of physical activity and preventing obesity.

4. Prevention of overweight and malnutrition.

5. Prevention of drug addiction.

6. Prevention of tobacco smoking (hookah).

7. Prevention of smoking (nasvay).

8. Prevention of tobacco smoking (tobacco).

9. Preventing Alcohol Abuse

VIII. Injury prevention:

1. childhood injury prevention (domestic)

2. childhood injury prevention (road traffic)

IX. Reproductive health:

1. Maternal and child health (prevention of abortion).

2. Preventive maintenance of extragenital pathology of pregnant women.

3. Reproductive health (responsible parenthood).

4. Reproductive health (anxious signs of pregnancy).

X. Screening survey:

1. Popularization of screening.

2. Invitation for screening examinations.

2. Invitation for screening examinations (prostate cancer early detection)

2. Invitation for screening examinations (stomach, esophageal, colorectal cancer early detection)

Link to information and training materials (in Russian and Kazakh languages):

1. “Health lessons on the prevention of risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases”, 2012.

2. “Health lessons on care for child development”, 2013.

3. “Health lessons for teenagers and youth”, 2014.

4. “Health lessons on the prevention of socially significant diseases” (tuberculosis and HIV / AIDS), 2015.