Useful sources – Official website of The Ministry of Healthcare of the Republic Of Kazakhstan – National Center for Expertise of medicines, medical devices and medical equipment


Journals – The British medical journal. The journal is intended for doctors of all specialties, it is one of the most popular journals in the UK. It is published once a week. All full-text versions of the journal since December 1997 can be found on the website (free of charge). – The JAMA Network – Journal of the American Medical Association, which is published since 1883. An online version of the medical journal for professionals – JAMA is available on the website. – Scandinavian Journal of Primary Health Care


International organizations – The American International Health Alliance  – World Health Organization (WHO).  – WHO Regional Office for Europe. – European Public Health Association. – The Association of Schools of Public Health in the European Region, which is organized 36 years ago and has about 60 member organizations. – International charitable organization «Médecins Sans Frontières». – The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies


Public Health – Public Health Foundation (The USA). Projects and initiatives, links, reports. – very interesting resource «Evidence-Based Practice for Public Health» – The St.Petersburg School of Public Health