The Department of “Cardiology and Rheumatology”

Department of “Cardiology and rheumatology”  of the Kazakhstan Medical University “KSPH”  was founded in 2014 on the basis of Medical Center “Sema”.

Main directions of work: educational, methodical, scientific work, medical and advisory.

The Deparment provides education to  graduate students and doctoral candidates. Subjects cover cardiovascular prevention, organizational aspects of the introduction of screening programs for the early detection of diseases at various levels of primary health care, the organization of medical care for emergency conditions in practical health care.

Educational work is aimed at professional reorientation of doctors in the specialty “Cardiology”,  advanced training of cardiologists in the courses  “Questions of cardiology in internal diseases”, “Clinical ECG”,” “Emergency care in acute coronary syndrome”.

Department of Cardiology and Rheumatology

Head of the Department: DM, professor Atarbayeva V.Sh.

Phone: 8 7273378932 (#155)