Healthcare Management

The department of the health-care management was found in 1997. In order to prepare specialists of the health-care management and capacity-building of the organ’s leaders and establishment of the health-care department with regards of management, marketing, economics and pharmatceutics in conditions of the departments’ reforming.


Goals and Cathedra’s Challenges:

  • Preparation of the managers, who can reach the leading positions, who can be responsible for a strategic improvement in a medical organizations.
  • Forming of a high-qualified specialists of the health-care department, who is suitable for a standards of the modern health-care management.
  • The development of skills such as self-development and self-improvement. The requirements of a creative mastering of the new knowledge.

Preparation in the sphere of the health-care management

  • Improving the high level of acceptance of the managing solutions.
  • Increasing personal’s competitiveness in the modern time, where employer needs initiative, versatile, purposeful, who are interested in development of their proficiency specialists.
  • Proficient mobility and social safety of specialists with a university degree.
  • Expands possibilities of an implementation of the self-professional interests.
  • Provides a high-quality education if a person is interested in it.
  • The health-care managers’ preparation is very relevant in the modern economic conditions.

Educational Activity of the Department of “Health-care Management”

7М10108 – « Management in healthcare » ( scientific and pedagogical direction)

7М10107 –  « Management in healthcare » ( profile direction )

7М10101 “Health Information Technology Management” (profile direction)

7М04103 «ЕМВА» (1 year)

7М04102 «МВА» (2 year)


Complementary Proficient Education


  • Strategic management (planning and forming a business process in a medical organizations)
  • Digital transformation of a medical organizations in the modern conditions
  • Administrate a quality in a medical help
  • Organization of a an expert effort in the health-care
  • Current approaches in administration of medical organizations in the system of OSMS
  • Nursery management in the reforms of nursery case and e.t.c

Audience’s contingent

  • Managers of the health-care high and middle level of governmental and non-governmental organizations of the health-care organs administration
  • Managers, vice-chairmen and economists organizations of the health-care
  • Organizer of the health-care, administration staff and health-care organizations, who are in reserve of the administration cadres

Kamaliyev Maksut Adilhanovich – Head of Department, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor


A renowned specialist in public health and health-care, health organization and management, medical education. Participated in the drafting of many legislative, policy and normative document. Author of educational and academic models, programs, state standards. Under his scientific supervision, 13 candidate’s dissertations were defended. 2PhDs, 8Masters, Master of International Health, University of Berlin. Has published more than 400 scientific, methodical and educational works in national and foreign press. In many scientific and educational projects of the European Community, the British Council, the United Nations Development Program, the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Ministry of Education and Science, performed the Functions of coordinator. Head of researcher, gave presentations at foreign, international and republican conferences. Visiting professors in Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

Tultabayev Sultanbek Chimanovich – Candidate of Technical Sciences Associate Professor


He defended his dissertation in Moscow in 1992 at the Moscow Technological Institute of the Food Industry. Since 1992 he has studied management as a scientific field, he is a consultant to the EBRD and a teacher at the MBA RK and UK( The Open University). Specializes in general and strategic management. Publications: one monograph and more than 15 articles. More than 20 have been implemented under his supervision. Consultancy projects, including 7 under the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. Field of scientific interests-study of the Kazakh model of management in 7 directions: corporate administration, competitive strategy, operational management, marketing strategy, business-models, administration of the personal, administration of the projects.

Kaliyeva Diana Amirzhanovna – Assistant Professor of the Department of “Health-care Management”, Phd


From 2006 to 2006, attended the Master’s degree course at the School of Social Studies of Academic level of a master. From 2013 to 2016 she has studied PhD at the highest School of the Social Health-care. Upon completion, she successfully defended her thesis on Forecasting and Improvement of the preparation cadre resources in the sphere of management in the health-care of RK and was awarded PhD specialized “6D110200- Social Health-care’’

Narymbayeva Nazerke Nurmagambetovna – Teacher of the cathedra, Master of Medical Science.


Has graduated from Asfendiyarov medical university in a faculty called “social health-care” in 2013. From 2013-2015 has studied the program of scientific-pedagogical master in the specialty of social health-care at the School of Social Studies. Has the experience in practicing of the health-care by working as a doctor-methodist, doctor-statistic in “Almaty regional oncological dispensary”, “Smart Health University City” in KazNU.

Worked with a medical information system:

  • Register of the urbanization
  • Bureau of hospital
  • DamuMed, Medelement

Head teacher, Master of a Medical Sciences, PhD at “Business Administration”


in Latvia

From 2013 to 2016 has taught “Medical Management” and “International experience of reforming a system of the health-care” at KazNMU, has educated the administrators in the health-care in capacity- building on the topic: “Marketing in the health-care”. Since 2011 publishes in governmental and foreign magazines, participated in management conferences, has 9 articles and thesis. In 2018 published an English article in Scopus. In 2016 was given a certificate of national expert for a 3 years specialized in procedure of external grade of university and analysis of conclusion self-assessment. She is a part of Central-Asian Association specialists of the social health-care. Has attended in scientific-technical program. The topic was: “Scientific justification of technics in medical help for children in RK”.