The educational program

The educational program is based on the doctoral State Educational Standards of Education –postgraduate education.Doctorate.Specialty “” 6D100200-Public Health. ”

Educational program for doctors (PhD) in the specialty “6D100200-Public health” has the scientific and pedagogical orientation and involves a fundamental educational, methodological and research training and in-depth study of the disciplines of public health for the higher and postgraduate education and research sector.
Individuals who have mastered the educational program of doctoral studies, is awarded the scientific degree “Doctor of Philosophy» (Ph.D)

The objects of professional doctors are:
– The organization of higher and postgraduate education;
– Organization of science.
– Public health authorities, healthcare and social security.

Professional activities
– Teaching (teachers of higher and postgraduate education);
– Research (staff organizations of science);
– Administrative and managerial (professional health authorities and management personnel of health care);
– Analytical (staff clearing houses);
– Expert Advisory (experts, consultants in the health and social care).

The structure of the education doctoral program contains two equal components: educational and scientific.
The educational program of doctoral studies is formed from different types of work, determining the content of education, reflects their relationship, measurement and accounting. The complexity of teaching and research defined by the number and the development of a material is measured in credits. In the doctoral have accumulative credit system, which takes into account the previously developed credits for previous levels of education. Discipline estimated amount equal to the whole number of credits.
Scientific component of the educational program is formed from doctoral work, scientific publications, and writing his doctoral dissertation.

The main objectives of the educational training program “Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)» specialty 6D110200 – «Public health” are:
– Training of a new generation that can effectively meet the challenges of improving the state of public health in the Republic of Kazakhstan and meet the challenges of the twenty-first century in this area, preparing specialists able to conduct research and carry out educational activities in the field of public health based on scientific prevention;
– To provide a complete and high-quality research and teacher education, professional competence, in-depth theoretical and individual practical training in public health;
– The achievement of a trained this level of knowledge and skills, which should be sufficient to occupy the leading position in the development and implementation of research and education programs in the public health system;
– Ensuring an optimal balance between teaching and research activities, receiving broad scientific, educational and methodological training in public health;

Doctoral studies are only for full-time on the basis of state order.

Course duration: the duration of the regulatory development of the educational program of doctoral studies is 3 years. The main criterion of completion of the educational process is the development of the doctoral studies at least 90 credits.

Rules of admission: Download the link, you can see the typical rules of admission and the list of documents in the doctoral program.