Time-tableof doctors of KSPH for 2012



Period Note
1 Doctoral (PhD) 1 course 1 Approval by the departments DD KSPH 05/21/12
2 Approval by DD on SC 28/05/12
3 Submission of plans and programs DD June 2012
4 Hearing on the implementation of DD
2 Doctoral (PhD) 2 year 1 Hearing on the implementation of DD June 2012


A schedule of open classes by second coursemasters and doctorsin specialty
“Public health” Graduate School of Public Health


Department of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Occupational Health Department of Public Health and Social Sciences
EpidemiologyonSaturdays A populationhealth (1Co)


Toksanbai R. 4.7 magician S. Abdrakhmanov 4.12 magician
Terekulova M. 4.14 magician Korganbaeva D. 4.12 magician
J. Van 4.14 magician Gumarov G. 4.12 magician
Darmen N. 4.21 magician Turbekova M. 4.16 magician
Omarұly B. 4.21 magician Kocherova R. 4.18 magician
Zholamanova A. 5.5 PhD Utemuratova A. 4.18 magician
Toleutai W. 5.12 PhD Kabdullina M. 4.18 magician
Faizullina K. 4.20 PhD


Department of Management and Health Economics The department of information technology and evidence-based medicine
LegislationinHealth (2kF)



evidence-based medicine (1Co) 24.04.-05.04.12

Zholdasbekov A. 5.21 magician Qamhah B. 4.6 magician
Kultaev D. 5.21 magician Tolegenov M. 4.27 PhD
Darkembekova G. 5.22 magician
Ersarieva B. 5.23 magician
Izbasarov B. 5.23 magician
Lee A. 5.23 magician
Smagulov A. 5.28 PhD
Maimak T. 5.29 PhD