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  1. “Вечерний Алматы” – Здоровые начинания
  2. «Баршаға денсаулық» – маңызы зор конгресс
  3. “” – Сегодня в городе Алматы стартовал VI Международный Конгресс
  4. Проректор по научной деятельности и международному сотрудничеству КМУ «ВШОЗ» Павлос Теодоракис выступил на прошедшей в г.Актобе международной научно-практической конференции «Охрана здоровья населения: политика, наука, образование, практика в ПМСП».
  5. Нұр-Сұлтан стремится стать «Здоровым городом»
  6. «ҚДСЖМ» Қазақстандық медицина университетінде білімін жетілдірген Құралай Заманбекқызы көпшілікке өзінің психолог маман екенін айтуды жөн санады.
  7. Медициналық білім беру жаңа сапаға көшпек –
  8. Медициналық білім беру жаңа сапаға көшпек –
  9. Медициналық білім беру жаңа сапаға көшпек –
  11. Минздрав: Медобразование в Казахстане должно быть как в сериале “Доктор Хаус”
  12. Олжас Әбішев: Медициналық білім тек теориялық түрде берілмеу керек
  13. Цифрлы технологиялар медицина саласының дамуына оң әсер етеді – проректор
  14. The obtained knowledge and experience of our graduates determines their relevance – KMU “KSPH”  /
  15. The Vth International Congress “Health for All” in Almaty /
  16. Annual congress “Health for All” was held in Almaty on June 21-22 /
  17. The Vth International congress “Health for All” was held in Kazakhstan»/
  18. We must create a health industry in the country – E. Birtanov /
  19. WHO representative appreciated the development of primary health care in Kazakhstan /
  20. Congress “Health for All” in Almaty brought together leading foreign scientists  /
  21. The 5th International Congress “Health for All” is held in Kazakhstan, Almaty for the first time  / Вечерний Алматы
  22. Healthy Cities Project Launched in Almaty
  23. “Days of Kazakhstan Education” exhibition opened in Dushanbe /
  24. An educational exhibition of Kazakhstan is held in Dushanbe /
  25. The project “Healthy Cities” is being systematically implemented in Almaty
  26. “Medical Experts: Talking to a Patient – Important for Doctors” /
  27. “WHO expert will teach doctors in Almaty”
  28. “WHO experts teach Almaty physicians how to work with patients well” /
  29. The Kazakhstan’s Medical University “Higher School of Public Health” celebrated the 25th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence ” / Вечерний Алматы
  30. “14 types of medical services are being performed in public organizations” / Kaznews
  31. Constant self-improvement is recommended to Kazakhstan physicians /
  32. “Almaty doctors are learning English” / Телеканал
  33. “Physicians learn English for the upcoming Universiade” /
  34. “By the beginning of the Universiade, 40 Almaty doctors will speak English” / Телеканал
  35. “40 medical workers in Almaty received grants to study English for the Universiade 2017” /
  36. “English for Almaty doctors – preparing for the Universiade” / Телеканал Алматы.
  37. “40 doctors were selected in Almaty to prepare for the Universiade” / Новостной портал
  38. “Educational programmes to teach a foreign language for healthcare professionals started on the territory of Kazakhstan’s Medical University “KSPH” in Almaty from 1 August” /
  39. “40 doctors were selected in Almaty to prepare for the Universiade” /
  40. “Today in honor of Thanksgiving Day, the children’s dental clinic holds an open day” / Вечерний Алматы.
  41. The information portal “” – KMU “KSPH” holds a round table devoted to the World Diabetes Day
  42. “Official website of KAZTEST”. KAZTEST testing in Almaty
  43. “Kazakhstan 2050 – Eternal Country” information site. Relevant public health issues discussed during the WHO Readings.
  44. Information site of the republican magazine “Good health”. “Patient-oriented technologies and programmes” Training.
  45. Information site ” Strategy: Kazakhstan 2050 – Our strength”. Public health issues discussed during the WHO Readings.
  46. Information portal “WHO Readings”: Relevant Public Health Issues.
  47. “Information portal”. Specialists are to help defend the consumer rights.
  48. Information portal “Strategy: Kazakhstan 2050. Our strength”. Consumer rights protection training cycle for specialists was held in Kazakhstan for the first time.
  49. “Kazakh TV”. International cooperation in the field of healthcare
  50. “Kazakh TV”. The first republican congress of PHC specialists
  51. «». Within the framework of the second stage of the UNHS, emphasis will be placed on the primary link – MLSPP RK
  52. «Курсив». Physicians functions delegation issues to middle medical personnel are discussed in Almaty
  53. «». “Miss Kazakhstan-2013” Aiday Isayeva congratulated the best doctors of polyclinics in Kazakhstan
  54. «Health as the basis of quality of life»
  55. Successful implementation of screening programmes is an indicator of the formation of joint responsibility of citizens for their health
  56. Chief Physician 1 (3) 2013. Health management and management experience of medical organizations in Turkey
  57. Chief Physician 1 (3) 2013. Higher School of Public Health MOH RK
  58. Fund of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Leader of the Nation. IInd Republican Olympiad of Young Scientists of Public Health with International Participation
  59. «Литер». The first Epidemiology School in Central Asia was opened in Kazakhstan
  60. «Новости-Казахстан». The Master’s Program of the University has passed international accreditation