Master’s, specialty program 1 year

Specialty Master’s degree programs are of applied nature, aimed at instilling management skills, providing training of leading specialists in the field of public health and professional health managers, including educational MBA programs (master of business administration).

Master’s degree program graduates after completing their studies and defending their master’s thesis are awarded the academic degree “Master of Health” in the specialty 6M110200 – “Public Health”.

The objectives of professional activities of Master’s graduates are:

  • healthcare management bodies, health and social welfare organizations

Types of activities:

-administrative and managerial (specialists of healthcare administrative bodies, administrative and managerial personnel of health organizations);

– analytical (employees of information and analytical centers);

– expert advisory (experts, consultants in organizations of health and social welfare).

– sanitary and educational and anti-epidemic (specialists in health promotion and disease prevention).

The Master’s educational program contains:

– theoretical training, including the study of basic and major disciplines;

– professional (industrial) practice;

-experimental research work, including the implementation of a master’s thesis.

Theoretical training includes disciplines of basic and major disciplines, which are divided into components of the mandatory component and the component of choice (elective disciplines).

The educational program includes work experience (the goal is to consolidate the theoretical knowledge gained in the learning process, the acquisition of practical skills and competencies, as well as the understanding of best practices).

Research work:

– conducted to meet the main issues of the specialty, for which the master’s thesis is defended;

– should be based on modern achievements of science, technology and production and contain specific practical recommendations, independent solutions of managerial tasks;

– performed using advanced information technologies;

– contains experimental research (methodological, practical) sections on the main provisions.

The educational program is based on the State General Education Standard of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the specialty “6M110200-Public Health”.

Upon completion of the full course of study, the graduate of the master’s degree has fundamental, scientific and vocational training, works with modern information technologies, including methods of obtaining data, processing and storing scientific information, knows how to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, plan and conduct experimental research activities on selected scientific specialty, successfully carry out research and management activities.

The objectives of graduates professional activities are medical universities, colleges, health authorities, research organizations, government and non-government institutions and enterprises of health and social services. The Master of Health can work as managers at various levels from the manager of NEA to the highest in the system of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the government, in social protection services and funds to support certain groups of the population, as well as heads of their departments, heads of medical institutions of all forms of ownership.

Duration of training. The standard duration of mastering an educational program of a specialty Master’s program is 1 year.

The possibility of continuing education. Master’s program graduates who have successfully graduated are prepared for doctoral studies in the specialty: “6D110200 – Public Health”

The form of education is a specialty training program – modular-distance.