Scientific and pedagogical direction

Research and teaching Master realizes the educational programs of post-graduate training in the system of higher and postgraduate education and research sector, having in-depth research and teaching training in public health.

Individuals who have mastered the educational program of research and teaching graduate and defended his master’s thesis, awarded the academic degree “Master of Medical Science.”

The objects of professional activity of graduates graduate are:
– The organization of higher and postgraduate education;
– The organization of science;
-Health authorities, healthcare and social security.

Professional activities:
– Teaching (teachers of higher and postgraduate education);
– Research (staff organizations of science);
-Administrative management (professional health authorities and management personnel of health care);
– Analytical (staff clearing houses);
– Expert Advisory (experts, consultants in the health and social care).
– Health education and anti (specialists in health promotion and disease prevention).

Graduate education program includes:
– Theoretical training, which includes learning basic and majors;
– Professional (teaching, research) practices;
– Research work, including the implementation of a thesis.
Theoretical training includes basic disciplines and majors, which are divided into components compulsory component and optional (elective courses).

The educational program of research and teaching master includes two types of practices:
– Teaching (goal-formation of practical skills and teaching methods);
– Research (goal-acquainted with the latest theoretical, methodological, and technological achievements of domestic and foreign science, with modern methods of scientific research, processing and interpretation of experimental data).

Research work:
– Is conducted in compliance with the basic problems of occupation for which defended his master’s thesis;
– Has to be relevant, have scientific novelty and practical significance;
– Should be based on current theoretical, methodological, and technological advances in science and practice;
– Must be carried out with the use of modern methods of research;
– Include research (methodological and practical) sections on the main provisions of the protected;
– Based on the best international practices in the field of knowledge.

The educational programis based on the National Educational Standards of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the specialty “6M110200-Public Health.”

Upon completion of a full course graduate has a fundamental, research and training, has a modern information technology, including methods of preparation, processing and storage of scientific data, is able to formulate and solve modern scientific and practical problems, plan and conduct research and development in the chosen research profession, teaching in universities to successfully research and management activities.

The objects of professional activity of graduates of MA are medical schools, high schools, health authorities, research institutions, public and private institutions and enterprises of health and social services. Masters can work as leaders of different levels from the manager to the highest CBA system Ministry of Health (MH) and government, social welfare services and funds to support certain groups, as well as the heads of their departments, heads of health facilities with all kinds of scientific staff research institutions, developing a public health framework, teachers of secondary and higher education institutions within the profile.

Terms of training. Normative duration of development of the educational program graduate is 2 years. The main criterion of completion of the educational process in the master is: when science teacher training development undergraduates at least 55 credits.

Opportunity to continue their education. Graduates who have successfully mastered the education master’s programs, prepared for doctoral studies in the specialty: “6D110200 – Public health”.

Nominal grant Joe Asvall.KSPH graduate support program aims to encourage and support particularly distinguished masters, showing excellent academic results, is actively involved in public life, engaged in scientific research. The program is funded by extrabudgetary resources KSPH. Personal grants are awarded on a competitive basis. You can find the location of the scholarship application form and the applicant.

Admission rules. Downloading files via the links you can find typical rules of admission and the list of documents to master higher education institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Education – scientificandeducationaltrainingprogram – full-time.