Kereev school of Epidemiology

As of November 2016, Kereev N.I. school of Epidemiology resumes its work within the KMU “KSPH” Department of Epidemiology, Evidence-Based Medicine and Biostatistics. The school was organized by the decision of the “KSPH” Academic Council on October 8, 2013 (protocol No. 6). MD Nurbayev A.S. is the appointed director (on a voluntary basis), as a secretary: Nelson M.K.

The school was named after N. I. Kereev, on the recommendation of the medical community, as he is a talented scientist, epidemiologist, teacher, known for his fundamental monographs on natural – focal diseases, rabies, Ku – fever, etc.

The objective of the school is to improve professional knowledge and practical skills of master’s and doctoral candidates, managers, listeners of KSPH advanced training classes, practicing physicians of CRP Departments, specialists of PHC, TPO, universities, research institutes as well as of Kazakhstan’s NC on epidemiology matters and communicable and non-communicable disease prevention.


  • Assistance in organizing and conducting joint cycles of advanced training as well as epidemiology and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases development on the territory of KSPH;
  • Organizing and holding of master classes, seminars, scientific conferences, symposia, internships and other activities on epidemiology issues, with the participation of the competent native teachers and scientists, professionals from near and far abroad;
  • Development of cooperation with international (WHO, the CDC, USAID, UNICEF, UNESCO and others) and non-governmental organizations in the field of epidemiology and disease prevention;
  • Assistance in carrying out events on educational and information training of Almaty city health workers, on prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases;
  • Providing organizational and methodological assistance to master’s, doctoral candidates in the completion of a research program;
  • Participation in the grants, research works and research programs.