Documents for ethical review

Documents to be provided by the applicant for ethical review:

  1. A signed and dated application addressed to the Rector of the KMU “KSPH” Auezova Alma Mukhametzhanovna.

∙ In an unofficial format, addressed to Auezova Alma Mukhametzhanovna, a brief description of the organization, research project, its funding (grant), and requests to consider this project by the KSPH Ethical Committee.

  1. Current versions of research summaries.
  2. Protocol of the proposed study (with clear identification information and date), along with the necessary applications and related documents.

∙ See separate file, for an example format (in Russian language).

  1. Summary of the protocol in a language understandable to non-specialists.
  2. The form of informed consent in a language understandable to potential study participants, and, if required, in other languages.

∙ See separate file, for an example format (in Russian language).

  1. Questionnaires and other documents that will be filled out by researchers.

∙ all documents that will be used in the research should be attached to the application

  1. Additional materials used in recruiting participants (flyers, other advertising methods)
  2. Description of the process for obtaining and documenting informed consent.
  3. Description of all compensation for participation in the research for researchers (including additional costs and medical care).
  4. All significant previous decisions (for example, negative decisions or requests to change the protocol) adopted by other Ethical Committees or official bodies in relation to the proposed research, regardless of their location, and information about the protocol changes made in this connection. The reasons for the previous refusal should be indicated.